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Office Puppy Pal

Meet Ella, the adorable border collie puppy who was only supposed to be a foster puppy for Dr. Colton, but she wagged her way into his heart and is now part of the team. With her boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, Ella is more than just our office mascot; she's an integral part of our wellness journey.
Ella was born to be a healer, just like our chiropractic team. Her natural talent for bringing smiles and sense of comfort to everyone she meets makes her the perfect addition to our warm and welcoming environment.
When she's not busy spreading joy, Ella enjoys exploring the office, playing with fly swatters, taking naps and hanging out behind the front desk with her Godmother Mela. She loves greeting patients and her positive energy is contagious, and we believe she enhances the overall healing experience here at Belle Chiropractic.
When Ella grows up, outside of the office she wants to be a cow dog and help her dad move steers when he ropes. When in the office Ella looks forward to learning how to escort our patients to their designated treatment room. She is looking forward to the day she can get adjusted herself, as her dad plans to get certified in the near future to do animal chiropractic!
So, next time you visit our office, be sure to say hello to Ella. She's always ready to lend an ear, a paw, or a heartwarming woof to make your visit even more memorable.
Ella, the border collie with a heart of gold, is here to make your chiropractic experience at Belle Chiropractic as exceptional as it can be

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